Comedy of Errors opens Wednesday, July 9th!

The Comedy of Errors will run July 9-13 and 16-20 at 7PM at the Massachusetts Center for Renaissance Studies.

In the Comedy of Errors, Shakespeare brings us, through the experience of not one but two pairs of very confused twin brothers separated in childhood, to a topsy-turvy land of danger and playfulness. In the pirate port of Ephasus our Syracusian heroes, in search of their long lost family, encounter conjurers and courtesans, shady businessmen and alluring ladies, as a whole town falls victim to mistaken identity and false reflections spiraling into chaos.

Embracing the fast pace and double nature at the heart of this comedy, we present it to you with an ensemble cast of only seven actors playing all the roles, turning it on its head as women play men and vice versa. These dynamic actors swap roles as quickly as they change hats and you may find yourself wondering who you will encounter next. As things escalate in Ephasus we hope you will join us in laughter to navigate through the madness and untie the knots alongside Antipholus and his man Dromio. 

-Brianna Sloane, director


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Comedy of Errors opens Wednesday, July 9th!

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